Getmanglobal, TOV

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Getmanglobal, TOV

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Refilling the car

Step 1

Is there a shortage of fuel during the period of use of GetmanCar? Press the fuel and read how to fill the car.

Step 2

Check the fueling rules if you have not read it before.

Step 3

Do you come to the gas station? Contact the operator, leave the car, open the gas tank and press the waiting mode.

Step 4

Press "ok" and the car closes.

Step 5

Go to the operator and refuel the GetmanCar with fuel.

Step 6

Return to the car and press "start rental"

Step 7

Take a photo of the bill in the background of the dashboard and send it to the GetmanCar Support Service

Step 8

Continue using the car

At your refueling you will receive 50 UAH. bonuses

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