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Registration in Getmancar carsharing service

Are you going to use Getmancar carsharing service? Then you definitely need to register in the application. Otherwise, you will not be able to make a trip on the carsharing auto.

In the application, it is described in detail how to register, but in this article, we will also explain in detail, step-by-step we will get through an application list together.

Step 1

Open the application. Click on the “I” sign that is in the left upper corner. You will see application menu.

Step 2

In the lower left corner you will see a button “Log in”. Click on it in order to enter your account or to pass a registration process.

Step 3

Then you need to fill in your mobile phone number. Sms-message will be sent to this number with a verification code. Also you can call Support Service from this phne number. As soon as you entered your mobile phone number, click on “continue” on the button below.

Step 4

Fill in the verification code from sms-message in the application. If you did not get a message, you can send it again in a minute. After you entered a code, click “continue” – a button below.

Step 5

If you have not registered yet, you will have to fill in the registration form. You need to fill in your name and surname and click on “continue’ – the button below.

Step 6

Then you fill in:

  • E-mail
  • Promo code (unnecessary field) – if you have a promo code, than fill it in, if no, leave the place empty. Using a promo code you can get some bonuses after registration that will be used for your trips as a payment
  • Read the public offer contract and agree with it by putting a tick into the field
  • Put a tick into the field “I have reached 21 years old or more” (if it`s true)

Step 7

Add photos of your documents. The text must be clear on them. If the photo is of a bad quality, you will be asked to make the photos again

The necessary photos are:

  • The photo of the first spread of your passport
  • The photo of the page of registration in your passport

Click on “continue’ – the button bellow

Step 8

Now you need to add photos of your driving license

  • The front page of your driving license
  • The back page of your driving license
  • Your selfie with driving license

When you added photos, click on “continue” – the button below.

Step 9

You will see a map with Getmancar cars. In order to open menu, click on the sign in the left upper corner.

Your account will be viewed in no more than 96 hours by moderation Service. The company has a right to refuse from your registration in security aims without giving any explanations.

You can always connect the Support Service

Write us:

Or call us: +380 (097) 444-5-222 / (044) 390-28-33