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How to register in Getmancar carsharing?

If you are going to use carsharing services, you need to register. This is a prerequisite to create a reliable account and make sure that the user has the appropriate driver's license to drive the car. Registration is very easy, besides, without it, it is impossible to create an account and rent a car.

The app has a convenient step-by-step instruction, but here we will also tell you in detail how you can register in the Getmancar.

1. Go to the app and click on the "Login/Register" button at the bottom of the screen.

Opening the Getmancar application

2. Choose a convenient way to confirm your number: via Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger or Apple ID. If you don't use any of these services, then confirm your number via SMS. Enter your number and receive an SMS with a code, which you will need to enter the field in the app and click "Next".

You can learn more about authorization via messengers in the menu of Telegram bot @GTMCBot in the section "How to authorize in the application?".

Menu for confirming the phone number

3. After authorization in the app, you need to confirm that you are 18 years old and have a category B driver's license. Put the confirmation in the fields and hit the "Next" button.

Age confirmation menu

4. Adding Documents.

4.1.1 Registration in Getmancar via Dia

Now Ukrainians can register in the service through the Dia app, it is the fastest way to create an account in Getmancar, so if you have digital documents (passport and driver's license), share them with Dia and complete the registration in a few minutes.

To register through Dia, tap the "Yes" button and go to the Dia app. There, you need to confirm sharing your digital documents with the Getmancar service through photo-ID and Dia. Signature, and confirm your consent to share the required information. Then go back to the app.

Registering with Getmancar through Dia

4.1.2 Take selfies to confirm your identity.

Take selfies to confirm your identity

4.1.3 Add your email and bonus promo code, if you have one; read the terms and conditions of the agreement and click "Next".

Note that your email will be used as a communication channel, so it's important to have access to it.

4.1.4 That's it. Registration is complete, you just have to wait for your account to be approved and plan your trip!

Contact details in the Getmancar app

4.2.1 Registering by photographing documents

If you want to continue with the standard registration, on the "Quick registration via Dia service" screen (item 4.1), click on the "No" button.

4.2.2 Add a photo of your driver's license on both sides and your selfies (face photo) with your driver's license.

Registration by photographing documents

4.2.3 Choose what documents you want to register with: citizen of Ukraine, Georgia or other country.

Choice of which documents you will use to register

4.2.4 Add a photo of your passport or ID card as indicated in the app. Card users of Ukrainian banks can share their documents via BankID. In this case, the bank will provide the app with the necessary information, and you won't have to take a photo of the document.

Типи документів Personal data

4.2.5 Add your e-mail and bonus promo code, if you have one; read the terms and conditions of the agreement and click "Next".

Contact details in the Getmancar app

4.2.6 Registration is complete, the only thing left to do is to wait for your account to be approved, usually the review takes a few hours, but in some cases it can be longer.

You can watch a short video on how to use the application and the different features of the service or read an article on how to use it.

Registration is complete

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