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Results of 100 zones per season

Dear users of the service, thank you very much for your activity and the proposed zones for expanding the use of the service of the car sharing.

Thanks to your activity, we have expanded and added several zones that were interesting for you. We are very grateful for your involvement and participation.

In fact, we received a huge number of applications, both in private use and within the campaign "100 zones per season".

We promised that we will announce the winners of "100 zones ......"

Naturally, the winners were exactly those zones where our users started and completed the car sharing, where cars were not exported by our employees, but were interesting to other users.

We received up to 30-40 zones in the action list. All zones were offered by several participants, most of which offered at once several zones, wanting to increase their chances of success and get more bonuses.

But, there are not so many winners. They were:

Oksana L., who does not have registration in our service, but already took an active part in the poll and strangely won. We are waiting for the personal data of the user who will receive 100 UAH. to the account. Thank you Oksana. The zone is Likograd.

Why won: although the zone is not very active, nevertheless it has an enviable consistency. As far as we understand, Oksana is not even a driver, but she won and wants us to enroll bonuses to her friend, as reported in the correspondence!

Alexander V., who proposed the extension of the zone around the metro station Heroev Dnepra. We also estimate this zone with good permanence, although this is a distant part of the city.

Thank you for your participation!

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