Subscriptions for carsharing

You can see 2 basic types of tariffs in carsharing:

1. Per-minute tariffs

2. Subscriptions


Here we write about subscriptions.

Subscriptions are the type of service provided when you purchase a certain amount of the service of a carsharing before you start driving. According to this principle, the following tariffs have been resolved:

1. Hourly

2. Daily

You are asked for information about your desire to purchase a subscription before you press the button "start renting" in such subscription fees If you confirm. You are immediately charged the cost of this subscription.


Each subscription includes a different volume of services and can have both included services, and those for which are paid separately.


For example, in the Hourly tariff you have 59 minutes for trips, the “waiting” mode is free, but each km of run is paid additionally.


The subscription is valid for the exact period and time that is specified in it from the moment of purchase. The principle of the subscription is similar to a travel ticket for transport, which is valid for a certain period of time. For example, you can travel any car during one hour purchasing the Hourly Subscription. Any of car means that you can change one car to another and all this made within a single subscription, there is no additional charge.


Why is the waiting mode free?

Because you bought time and at this time it does not matter whether you use a car or just keep it on a pause. Time is not suspended in the waiting mode, but continues to flow.


Benefits of subscription:

1. If you are traveling a considerable distance or want to use the car for an extended period of time.

2. Time is included, you do not need to hurry and react nervously to the time.

3. Any car is available during the subscription period.

4. Often, it is cheaper to use than per-minute tariffs.


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