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Zero Responsibility, All-Inclusive Cover, Super Insurance

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Do you want to use Getmancar carsharing services but the responsibility that you will carry when there will be RTA stops you?

You can make your responsibility less when you choose an appropriate option in the application. For this it is enough to click on the settings in the menu and choose that amount of deductible that you will pay when there will be road-traffic accident.

User`s responsibility – is a sum that becomes a deductible that is not covered by the insurance company when there will be an insured event. And it does not matter whose fault it was – your own, another participant of road traffic accident or by both sides.

Full Coverage

If you have chosen “zero responsibility” then from your bankcard there will be written off a monthly fee in the amount of 700 hryvnias/month every 25th. And then the insurance company will pay the whole sum for car damages, when you comply with all formalities of road traffic accident.

Responsibility 5 000 hryvnias

Choose the responsibility in 5 000 hryvnias in the settings of the menu, monthly fee is 500 hryvnias/month. It is written off every 25th.

Responsibility 10 000 hryvnias

Choose the responsibility in road traffic accident in 10 000 hryvnias. The monthly fee is 300 hryvnias/month. It is not expensive and the responsibility is not big.

Responsibility 20 000 hryvnias

The standard setting that is connected by the default in the application. With this very responsibility you start using the service. Do you want to change? Change in the application settings.

How to use carsharing services without monthly fee Гетманкар

How to use carsharing services without monthly fee Гетманкар

How to use carsharing services without monthly fee Гетманкар

The tariffs while changing the responsibility

With “zero responsibility” all the tariffs and all the cars in Getmancar fleet are available for you. Nothing will change, you will use the same tariff and the same car that you need, just in your expenses will be added monthly fee.

From which damages the low responsibility will not save you?

The insurance company will not cover the damages if that is:

  • Damages on the wheels (puncture, cut, bump) – this is all for your cost and is does not depend which responsibility you have chosen in the application.
  • You left the scene of the road traffic accident
  • The road traffic accident was made after the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • The road traffic accident is caused when you were chasing someone, took part in the races, extreme driving
  • The road traffic accident was caused by the third party whom Getmancar user allowed to drive
  • If there was a lie, falsification or hiding the real facts of road traffic accident.

How to use carsharing services without monthly fee?

If you do not want to pay monthly fee, then the only way for you is to choose the responsibility in the amount of 20 000 hryvnias. In this way you will not have monthly fee but the sum of the deductible will be 20 000 hryvnias.

The big sum of the deductible is not the best variant as a monthly fee of 700 hryvnias/month that is 700*12 = 8 400 hryvnias per year, that is one road traffic accident is one zero deductible for 2,5 years of using the service.

If the road traffic accident costs less than 20 000 hryvnias, what is then?

If the sum of the damage is less than 20 000 hryvnias and you have a standard deductible, we will write off only the sum of the damage. The sum is determined by the check from auto workshop or the rating by the expert