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What is it?

A special service provided jointly by the Getmancar trademark represented by «GETMANCAR» LLC and «TOYOTA UKRAINE» for Toyota car owners, on special terms developed by Toyota-Ukraine FDI for its consumers.

Who can use the service?

The Toyota sharing service can be provided to certain categories of users, at the discretion and in accordance with the Toyota-Ukraine loyalty program. The opportunity to get a Toyota car for trips through the Getmancar application, which are provided under special conditions, can be checked at the Toyota showroom in Kyiv at the address: st. Velyka Okruzhna, 56.

How does it work?

  1. Install the Getmancar app.
  2. Register in the application.
  3. Wait for moderation.
  4. Connect a payment bankcard.
  5. Contact a Toyota dealer to activate a special fare and special cars.

What cars are provided?

At the first stage, Toyota C-HR cars participate in the program.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost of the service is 100 UAH for 1 hour of using the car.

What is included in the cost of the service?

  1. Car
  2. Full insurance of TPL and Super CDW with a 0 deductible
  3. Fuel for the entire period of use of the car
  4. Seasonal tires
  5. Support 24/7
  6. Washing /cleaning the car

Where can I find additional questions about using the service?

Check out the FAQ section on using the Getmancar service, and below we give a list of services and features that differ from the standard use of the Getmancar service for Toyota users:

  1. The start and end zone is a Toyota car dealership where you can take a car through the Getmancar mobile app.
  2. Deductible for insurance (amount of liability, user participation) – 0 UAH. Full coverage.
  3. The mileage is not limited in the hourly rate, for 100 UAH/hour you can drive any number of kilometers, according to the rules of the road.