Two PO ses

PO se 69


We start a new tariff "Po se 69". You have long waited for it. You can take the car for 69 minutes at a price of 69 UAH. The mileage is not included, it is paid separately at the rate of 6.59 UAH. for each km of run.

This tariff operates in programs with a deductible of 20 000 UAH. Those who use the program with 0 deductible have the tariff "PO se 96".


PO se 96

"PO se 96" is available for those who use the program with 0 deductible. For 96 UAH you get a subscription for 69 minutes, there do not include the kilometers, which are paid separately at the rate of 5,99 UAH for each km of run.


Excess of tariff

In case of exceeding the time of use of the tariff "PO se 69" or "PO se 96", that is exhaustion of 69 minutes, you will be automatically transferred to the current minute tariff, for example, "VZHIK", then tariffication will pass through it.

If you want to continue the subscription of "PO se ..." again, you need to finish the process in the authorized end zone and start the process again using the subscription "PO se .."


How to get tariff

If you want this tariff to be connected to your acc, you need to do the following:

  1. Make an active action in your social networks:
    • Like on our page and repost of our publication-proposal for the tariff "PO se 69" or "PO se 96" on your Facebook page
    • Put photo slide in Instagram with hashtags # GetManCar, #getmancar, #pose69, #pose96
  2. Send us an email to with a link to your account where the checkpoint is located (if it's a facebook) or a link to an account in Instagram where our "PO se .."
  3. The tariff will be connected within 24 hours.

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