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“Waiting” regime

“Waiting regime” is a function in mobile application that lets you close the car in the active use. To put the car “on pause” when you want to leave it or be in the car but you do not need the engine to work. The car will be fixed for you and nobody will take it. The car is seen only by you, it is not available for other users, like when you book it.

Why do you need to use it?

“Waiting regime” is used so that:

  1. The car can be fixed for you, when you do not use the car for the trip.
    For example: You came to a business meeting but you have a limit of time and you have to leave this place on the car and drive to another one. If you “ended” carsharing, the car is available for everybody and other users can take it and if you clicked “waiting” regime the car will be closed and it will not be available to anyone except you.
  2. To open/close the car outside of “ending zone” to drive to Vyshneve, it is in the use zone, but not in the “end zone”. Not to leave the car opened just click the button “waiting” and the car will be closed.
  3. To close and open the car in the period of use – you are in the gas station or somewhere else. For example: you are going to the supermarket for shopping, come to the office, it is important for the car not to be taken and be closed, you click “waiting” and the car is closed and is available only for you and it is fixed for you.

The use of “waiting” in per minute tariffs

In per minute tariffs “Dynamic”, the “waiting” regime is used for closing the car and saving some money on the use of the tariffs when the car is waiting for you on the parking lot if you want to use it and do not want the car to be taken by somebody else.

The Dynamic tariff costs from 2 to 4 hryvnias/minute, and the tariff “waiting” just 0,99 hryvnias per minute. For example: you came to your girlfriend and you need to wait for her for 10 minutes, in the “waiting” regime it costs you 9,90 hryvnias (for 10 minutes) and in the use regime – 20-40 hryvnias for 10 minutes.

Also when you are fueling the car – you leave the car, open gas tank, close the car and put it into “waiting” regime, the tariff costs 0,99 hryvnias and not for “per minute” tariff. For fueling the car you will be given 50 bonuses, in your turn you spent only 10-15 hryvnias))))

waiting regime in minutes tariff Getmancar

waiting regime in minutes tariff Getmancar

waiting regime in minutes tariff Getmancar

The use of “waiting” regime in the per minute night tariff

In the night special per minute tariffs are active “Quite night” where “waiting regime” is free. The tariff is available from 11pm till 7am.

The period of when the tariff is active, look on the tariff page in your application.

The “waiting” regime in the subscriptions

In the subscriptions, the “waiting’ regime is used to open/close the car, as the subscription does not differ minutes of use and minutes of waiting. The subscription is bought for a period of time, for example, 3 hours 14 minutes (Pi subscription in the example), in this period there is no difference you left the car in “waiting” regime or you use it.

When you end the trip, and do not need the car, just click “end” carsharing, in case you leave the car in “waiting” regime, when the subscription ends, a tariffication of “waiting” for 0,99 hryvnias/minute start.

waiting regime in tariff subscriptions Getmancar

waiting regime in tariff subscriptions Getmancar

waiting regime in tariff subscriptions Getmancar

How I use “Waiting”

Very often those who do not understand why do you need this button, complaining that in this or that place there is not “end zone” of carsharing. You do not need this zone in particular. If you drove on the car to your home and tomorrow you are going to use the car again, the “waiting” will be helpful to you and when you use the tariff “quite night”, it will be free from 11pm till 7am.

How to turn on “waiting”

  1. Park the car according to road traffic rules.
  2. Close the car turn automatic transmission selector into the “P” or into one of the transfers if you use mechanical transmission, close the windows, turn off the light, raise the handbrake.
  3. Leave the car and close the doors outside of it.
  4. Click on the button “waiting” in Getmancar application.
  5. The car will be closed, on the monitor there will shown time when the car is in “waiting’.