Waiting mode

What is it?

“Waiting” mode is a function in a mobile application that allows you to lock the car during active use. Leaving the car "on a pause", that is not in use, but the car is assigned to you, no one else will take it. The vehicle can be seen only by you at App, it is not available to other users, the same as like booking.


Why to use

The "Waiting" mode is used to:

  1. The car was assigned to you at a time when you do not use the car for a trip. You came to a business meeting, but you have a time limit and you must definitely go by car to another place. If you "completed" the car sharing, then the car became available and it can be picked up by other users. If you press "waiting", the car closes, but will not be accessible to anyone except you.
  2. To lock / unlock the car outside the "drop off zone" – you go to Vyshgorod, it is in the use zone, but not in the "drop off zone". Do not to leave the car open, just press the "waiting" button, the car will close.
  3. To lock and unlock the car during the period of use – you stopped at the gas station, somewhere else. For example: go to the supermarket to buy something, came to the office, it is important that the car is not withdrawn, pressed "waiting" and the car is closed and available is only to you.


Using "waiting mode" in the Per Minute Rate

In the Minute tariff, the VJIK tariff, the "Waiting" mode is used to lock the car and to save in the usage rates when the car expects you at the parking lot. If you want to use the car and do not want it to be used by someone else.

For example, the tariff of the VJIK, costs 3,99 UAH. for 1 minute, and the tariff "Waiting" is only 0.99 UAH. in a minute. You come to the girl friend and you need to wait for her 10 minutes, in the "Waiting" mode this is 9.90 UAH. (for 10 minutes), in the mode of using 39.90 UAH.

While refueling the car - go out, open the gas tank, close the door and transferre the car to "Waiting mode", the rate goes to 0.99 UAH. Than you will be charged 50 bonuses for refueling)))


Use of "Waiting mode" in Subscription rates (Hourly, Daily, Pi, PO za ...)

In the subscription tariffs it is used for locking / unlocking the car, as the subscription does not charge separately minutes of use or minutes of waiting. The subscription is purchased for a period, for example 3 hours 14 minutes (Pi subscription, in this example), in this period there is no difference whether you left the car in the "waiting" mode or use it.

At the end of the trip, when the car is not needed, just press "finish" the car sharing, in case of leaving the car in the "waiting" mode, at the end of the subscription, the tariffication of the "waiting" for 0.99 UAH will begin.


How I use "Waiting"

Those who do not understand what is waiting button and do not know how to use it complain that in one or another place there is no "drop off zone " of the car sharing. You do not really need this zone. If you come by the car home, and tomorrow you're going to go again, then "waiting" helps, and in combination with the "Silent Night" tariff is the best option for a free "waiting mode".


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