What does the tariff mean? Read correctly

During our booking we see only a per-minute tariff, do not worry if you want to choose a different tariff. As soon as you press the book, then you will be offered a choice of tariff.


There are 3 main tariffs that are charged as:

1. Per-minute

2. Hourly

3. Daily


In each tariff, the mileage can be included or not included.

In the PER-MINUTE and DAILY tariff the mileage are included, for which you do not have to pay extra, but only if you exceed the mileage limit, the tariff for each km will be additionally paid.


Example 1: The Per-MINUTE tariff in the Standard package.

The cost of a minute rental is 5.99 UAH, 50 km is included.

This means: if you make a trip up to 50 km at this rate, then just pay 5.99 UAH. for every minute of hire, if you exceed the mileage of 50 km, then in addition to 5.99 UAH. per minute will be added payment for each km in the amount of 4,29 UAH. per 1 km of rerun.


Example 2: The HOURLY tariff in the Standard package.

The cost of one hour of hire is 59 UAH., 0 km is included.

This means: you can do any trip for 1 hour, but every kilometer of the made way will be charged additionally. Tariff for each km 4,99 UAH.


How tariffs look and what inscriptions stand for

1. The cost of the tariff.

2. The cost of the minute "Expectations", if it is provided.

3. The number of kilometers that are included in the tariff.

4. The cost of a rerun, the price for each km of mileage.

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