Which tariff to choose is more profitable?

We understand that you are primarily looking for convenience and benefit in car sharing. This publication will tell you about a more better tariff for you and how to choose it right. There are a lot of tariffs on our site. The basic tariffs are:

  • Minute-by-minute
  • Hourly
  • Daily

In order to choose the tariff that you need, first build a route which you will move, evaluate the presence of traffic jams on it, as well as the time that you want to spend on it. Thanks to the assessment of the situation in this way, you will be able to choose the optimal tariff.

When choose a per-minute

This rate is chosen when traveling in one direction, traveling without traffic jams and almost on a free highway. A vivid example can be a trip from Poznyaki to Borispol. Our miscalculation shows that the cost of per-minute rent in our service will be about 90-120 UAH. for a trip in one direction. The most popular taxi services will cost you 180-250 UAH. for the same way.

Tariff features:

  1. Payment per minute rental
  2. The mileage limit is 50 km - exceeding this limit entails charging for each km additionally in addition to per minute payment.

Compare the per minute tariff with the taxi service


  • We go from Grishka 3 (Poznyaki) Kiev to the airport Kiev Borispol,
  • distance is 23.1 km
  • Google maps gives 20 minutes on the road.

Per minute rate:

20 minutes * 5 UAH. 99 cop. = 119 UAH. 80 kopecks.

Calculation of the Naklon taxi service: 229 UAH for the same trip.

Calculation of Buber: 196 UAH for the same trip.

When is it better to choose hourly tariff

Choose when:

  1. You need more time to travel or you do not want to risk the speed, do not want to go more quickly. Maybe you need to drive back and forth and even wait for the meeting in the car.
  2. You understand that the route ahead, which is full of traffic jams. It means that you will be more than worth going. This tariff will help you to save, because you paid 1 hour of hire, so you can go 5 km during an hour (or another distance).

Tariff features:

  1. Payment for 1 hour of hire - a subscription is bought
  2. Once you have bought a subscription, you can not use per-minute rentals until the subscription expires.
  3. Each km of run is paid additionally.

Compare the hourly rate with a per-minute tariff.


  • We go from Khreshchatyk to the railway station - a distance of 4.4 km.
  • On the day off we will overcome this segment in 16 minutes, on weekdays in 25 minutes.

Per minute fee

16 minutes (during day off) * 5,99 UAH. = 95 UAH. 84 cents

25 minutes (during business days) * 5,99 UAH. = 149 UAH. 75 cents

There is no difference for us to choose hourly fare at weekend or during business days, we took a car for 1 hour.

1 hour * 59 UAH. = 59 UAH.

4.4 km * 4.99 UAH. = 21 UAH. 96 cents.

Total trip 59 + 21.96 = 80 UAH. 96 cents

When is better to choose daily tariff

This tariff is more effective if:

  1. You are going to make several movements in the city, although the movements are not long, but take time because of traffic jams
  2. The car is needed for traveling somewhere and waiting there or short journeys
  3. bad weather all day and you do not want to go by public transport, it is better to go by car which is clean and comfortable

Tariff features:

  1. the subscription is paid for 23 hours 59 minutes
  2. it is impossible to use another tariff until the subscription ends
  3. 100 km run with fuel included
  4. excess mileage - surcharge for each km in addition to the tariff

Each tariff is individual, therefore it is worth choosing what you need depending on various circumstances.

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