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½ year of work

Today is exactly 6 months since the day we launched the car sharing service in Kiev. In a half year it has been done and there are many and few, but most importantly, we continue to be with you.


It happened that the announcement of launching car sharing took place a bit earlier than this, due to the presentation made by the supplier of Ravon in Ukraine, announcing the issuance of the first purchased cars, therefore, the residents of Kiev learned about car sharing earlier than 1 month before the launch of the service.


Everything is gone and nothing will be

The audience that learned about the news was divided in half, part of the audience expressed the idea of ​​the impossibility of the existence of car sharing in Kiev and Ukraine, motivating this:

  1. Cheap taxi
  2. The mentality of people who destroy everything
  3. Necessity of service
  4. Another


Activists and pioneers

The other part of the audience, clearly said that the car sharing is a super idea and they are waiting for such an alternative, became our first users, pioneers of car sharing.



This is normal, even the basic marketing courses point out that the audience of pioneers is only 10-20% of the total volume of users, about 50-60% of the audience are moderate conservative users who will already use the service, but when the Pioneers will test enough. And finally, 20-30% are pessimists, haters ... who rarely become users of any services for various reasons, but the chance is that they also become moderate users.


If GetManCar reach 6 month term the car sharing will be in Kiev

"At one of the meetings held in a closed financial club, I was told, well, we have such an opinion if GetManCar lasts for 6 months, then you can try investing in car sharing in Ukraine"

Taras Getmanskyi


So today we have 6 months.


The progress that goes forward

Thanks to our users, we get more and more information about what you need every time.

Within 6 months, we reduced the basic per-minute rate by 30%, introduced additional 3-hour subscriptions, changed the logic of daily tariffs, therefore, it became clear that it would be better for you to have a bare fare without running mileage.

A lot of changes ahead, we hope that over the next 6 months we will:

  1. Modify the app, making it even more interesting and useful for you, and easier to use.
  2. Expand vehicle fleet
  3. Add new interesting areas with a graceful termination of car sharing
  4. Make your personal page so that you like it more, was more comfortable and pointed out the information more correctly.
  5. We will try to add additional "buns" that will become interesting to users and others.


Thanks to you

Our greatest value is people. The most valuable is the users that we have. Thanks to you we exist, we make innovations and move forward.

This phrase can be imagined as false and such that indicated by many, but ... ..

Just as parents do so by doing so, they do them not only for themselves but for their children, and the blazing state does a good job for its inhabitants, as well as developing car sharing, it brings many great benefits to citizens and residents cities.


Openness to development

From the outset, we have declared openness and to date we are open to cooperate with anyone who wants to introduce car sharing not only in Kiev, but also in Ukraine as a whole, to other states.

We will share our results for free, for the purpose of developing car sharing in Ukraine. So, you have a desire to join and develop - forward!


With great gratitude to all users, Kiev citizens, Ukrainians and residents and tourists of Ukraine.


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