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You can not park this way

This article is dedicated to the questions of our users who do not understand where and how to park using car sharing.


The cost of parking includes the price of parking in municipal places within the city of Kyiv. Read more in the publication, where you park a car in Kyiv.


You can not park a car:

1. Where there are violations of traffic rules:

• At the places where pedestrian crossing or sidewalks, including a violation of the distance from the pedestrian crossing or crossroads

• No stops or parking under signs accepted

• In the middle of the carriageway

• At the crossroads

• Parking places marked as places for people with disabilities

• With other traffic violations

2. Where the car can block the departure / entry of other vehicles, equipment or activities of enterprises, institutions, organizations.

3. The places with paid parking, if this parking is not included in the cost of the service. For example - coming under the barrier in a shopping center or market or other place.

4. The private yards, bases, closed areas, which require special access.


Examples of improper parking that people publish publicly. If you do not see here violations or inconveniences, then you do not understand how to park cars.





Where can I leave the car:

1. Any municipal parking in the city of Kyiv - it is free for you while using our cars

2. Free parking spaces, which are not prohibited by the rules, the car does not interfere with pedestrians and vehicles.


In order to answer the question, can I park a car here, proceed as follows. Ask yourself if it is my car and I needed to leave the car for an hour or 2-3 days at this place, while leaving the city, could I leave the car there so that it would not interfere with anyone and the car there was access, the police do not evacuate it and no one cause the car any damage.

If, yes? You correctly argue and you can park your car.


The most common parking errors made by our customers. We received a large number of complaints from passers-by or the police.

1. The car is parked on the sidewalk and prevents passers-by who go through the crossing


2. The car is parked on the ground for the disabled


3. The car is parked in the evening there where other cars, but in the morning, around the car there is a bazaar and the car is blocked.



Penalties for violation of parking rules are reflected in the Public Offer Contract, these are:

1. Leaving the car in a zone in which there is no free access - 5 000 UAH.

2. Leaving the car with violation of the parking rules, if it led to the evacuation of the car - 10 000 UAH.

Payment of a fine does not relieve the guilty person of reimbursement of costs associated with a parking violation, for example: payment for a tow truck, a penalty area, fines of police and other competent authorities, payment of parking fees, car idle time on a penalty area, at a usage rate.


Why do we take fines

Dear users, we do not want to impose any fine on you, we just want to urge you to follow the rules of the road and not to create difficulties for other road users, including cars and pedestrians.

If we receive a statement or complaint that the car is incorrectly parked, in order to avoid fines and consequences and if possible, the car will be parked by the forces of our employees, but at the same time we spend considerable material resources, moving from one end of the city to the other.

We ask you to comply with the terms of the Offer Contract, the Rules of the Road and do not create difficulties for residents and visitors of Kyiv by parking the car incorrectly.


Thank you for your understanding, we are very pleased to work with responsible citizens, we always respond to you with reciprocity.