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Young driver

Standard Terms of Service

Standard conditions for the user's of car sharing GetManCar are:

  1. No less than 25 years of age
  2. Driving experience of at least 5 years


Conditions «Young driver»

If your age or driving experience is less, you can still use our service. We have conditions with reduced requirements for users, namely:

  1. Reaching the age of 21
  2. The presence of a driving experience of at least 2 years

This program is called the "Young Driver", anyone who has reached the age of 21 but is younger than 25 years old and has a driving experience of more than 2 years, but less than 5 years, can use GetManCar cuts, provided a deposit of 10,000 UAH is made.


How to bring a deposit

The deposit can be paid via bank transfer to our account indicated on the site by the link.


Refund of deposit

You can receive the security deposit at any time by writing to us at The deposit will be returned within 96 hours from the receipt of the letter to your account, card.


Using the program "Young driver" without deposit

If you actively use our service during 3 months with the "Young Driver" program, you can send us an email about transferring you to a non-deposit use of the service. If you do not have violations of the terms of service, accidents, we will transfer you to a non-deposit use of the service.

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