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Carsharing zones

There are two main zones in carsharing, which are always shown in the application:

  1. The zone of use of the car
  2. The zone of the end of the car use

“The zone of use” of the car

This is the biggest zone it is always bigger than “carsharing end zone”.

The zone of use of the car – is a zone where you can drive the car. If you leave this zone you will get a fine, and you will not get maintenance, technical support on this territory.

In the mobile application, you can see “the zone of use” as a line or monophonic plane painted in any color. Inside the zone or its part are smaller zones – these are zones of “the end of the car use”, they are painted in another color.


The zone of the end of car rental is always smaller and it is included into the zone of car use.

Peculiarities of “zone of use”

  1. You can move on this territory
  2. You can start a new car rental in this zone.
  3. You cannot end car rental in this zone.
  4. You can put a car into “waiting regime” in this zone and then start the use.
  5. You can put a car into the “transfer” in this zone in order for anybody to take this car away.

It is forbidden to leave the car in this zone (ending). If you leave the car one-sidedly in this territory, you will get a fine. Example: I have left a car here, take it away if you want to.

Why does “the zone of use” of the car exists?

This zone limits the territory of giving our service. Outside of this zone we are not able to give you technical assistance and other services.

How to end car rental outside of “the end zone”?

In Getmancar carsharing there is a special function that lets you to end the car rental outside of the zone with the help of “transfer” function. When you end the trip in the application you can turn the car into “transfer” regime. Then the automobile will be closed and become available for all the users. This service is not free , it costs 0,30 hryvnias/minute. The payment is written off till the time when then car will not be taken by another user. You will not be able to rent another carsharing car until the car that you have used is in “transfer” regime.


What will happen when the car leaves the zone of use or end of car rental?

When the car is outside of the use zone, the user will get a message on his mobile phone – sms and / or push messages in the application.



It is not obligatory for the company to send a message in any format , in this case if you have not got a message it does not mean that you have not left that the zone of use of the car. All the zones you see online in the smartphone while moving, also you see on a map a point of the car which you are controlling.

If you left “the zone of car rental end” you will not be able to end carsharing, just to put the car into “waiting” regime or “transfer” regime. When you end “the zone of use” some services such as “waiting” regime may be blocked.

When you are leaving the zone our operators will contact you and ask to return the car into the zone of use of the car.

If you leave the zone of use of carsharing, it is considered as a hijacking and you will get a fine.

Intentional actions that are directed at the leaving of the zone of the of the car are also punished with a fine.

I need to leave the zone of the car use, how can I do it?

You can use car rental in a classical format when you take a car for a rent from our office. The car will be equipped with everything you need for continuous trips.

“The zone of end” of the carsharing

This zone is always smaller than “the zone of use” of the car. In the application you see it as a crossed plane (it is possible to see another vidget, it depends on the device). In this zone you can:

  1. Start new trips
  2. End carsharing use
  3. Transfer a car into “waiting” regime and start to use carsharing again.

“The end zone” may be presented as one whole massive, so small islands, where you can end carsharing use.

The zones are presented in different colors depending on the firmware and type of your device but more often – the pink color


The peculiarities of “end zone” of carsharing:

You can “end carsharing” in this zone – in another zone it is impossible to end carshring. The end of carsharing outside of the end zone is impossible! The ‘waiting” and “transfer” are just possible for use.


Why the “end zone” of carsharing exists

The zone exists for possibility of “ending carsharing”. The end “zone” is located in the places where it will be comfortable for other users to start the trip, popular and comfortable places.

How and where to see end zone and car use zone?

You can do it in Getmancar application even without registration. Just click the button “demo” and you will see zones and cars.