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Zones of the car sharing

Using the car sharing, you can use the car in the permitted territory, which is called the “car's use area”, here you can start the car sharing. You can complete the car sharing only in the "drop off zone ".


There are 2 main zones in the car sharing:

  1. Area of ​​use of the car
  2. The drop off area.


"Zone of use" of the car


This zone is the largest, it is always larger than the “drop off zone”.

"Zone of use of the car" - the area in which you can travel by car.

You see the "zone of use" in the mobile application as a line that circles the zone (the entire zone does not have a color). There are "drop off areas" inside this zone or part of it.

The "usage zone" can be seen as in the form of a line, or in the form of a colored zone, larger in size on the PC.


The “drop off area” is always smaller and included into the “car use area”.


Features of the "zone of use":

  1. You can move around this zone.
  2. You can start a new rental in this zone.
  3. You can`t finish the sharing in this area.
  4. You can put the car into the "waiting mode" in this zone, and after start using.
  5. It is forbidden to leave the car in this zone (completion). The unilateral abandonment of the car in this zone entails the imposition of a fine.


Why there is a "zone of use" of the car

This zone limits the territory of our service. Outside this zone, we will not be able to provide technical support, assistance and other services.


What will happen if the car goes beyond the zone of use or drop off zone?

When the car leaves the area of ​​use, the user will receive a notification to his phone as an SMS message and / or message in the application. Sending a message in any format is not mandatory on the part of the Car sharing Company, therefore not receiving a notice can not indicate that you have not left the area of ​​use of the car. All the zones you see in the smartphone while traveling, and see the point of the car you are driving on the map.

If you leave the "drop off zone" or "use zone" of the car, you will not be able to complete the car sharing, but only put the car in the "waiting" mode. When leaving the zone of use, other services can also be blocked, including the "waiting" mode.

When you leave the zone, our operators will contact you and ask you to return to the zone of use of the car.

Leaving the zone of use of the car sharing we receive a message as a car hijacking, as indicated in the Public Rental Car Rental Agreement (car sharing).

Intentional actions aimed at leaving the car use zone are punishable by a fine.


I need to go a little outside the car use zone, how can I do this?

You can rent a car in the classic format, renting a car in our office, the car will be equipped with a spare wheel and everything necessary for longer trips.



"Drop off zone" of the car sharing


This zone is always less than the "zone of use" of the car. You see it as a drawn plane in the application (another widget is possible, depending on the device). In this zone you can:

  • start new trips,
  • Complete the car sharing,
  • put the car in the "waiting" mode and start the car sharing again.

"Drop off zone" can be represented as one solid array, and islands, on which you can complete the sharing.

Zones are displayed in different colors depending on the firmware and the type of your device, but the cup is a pink color.


Features of the "drop off zone" of the car sharing:

  1. You can "complete the car sharing" in this area - it is not possible to complete the car sharing in another zone.
  2. You can "start a new trip" of the car sharing and put the car in the "waiting" mode in this zone.


Why there is a "drop off zone" of the car sharing

This zone exists for the possibility of "end of the car sharing". The "drop off" zones are located in places where other users will be comfortable to start trips, popular and convenient places.



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