Zones of the car sharing

Using the car sharing you can use the car on the set territory, which is called the car use zone. And you can start and finish car sharing in the zone of beginning and finishing car sharing.


There are 2 main zones in the car sharing service:

1. The zone of ​​use of the car, use zone.

2. The zone of beginning and finishing of car sharing.


Use zone

This zone is the largest, it is always larger than the start and rental end zone.

The zone of ​​use of the car is the area in which you can travel by car. The zone of beginning and rental finish is always less and is included inside of the zone of use of the car.

You see the zone of use as a line that circles the zone in the mobile application, within this zone or part of it is the zone where the car starts and ends rental. This zone can also be seen as a line, or as a colored zone, larger in size using a PC.


Features of the zone of use:

1. You can move inside this zone.

2. You can not start a new rent or complete the car sharing in this zone.

3. You can put the car in wait mode in this zone, and after start using.

4. It is forbidden to leave the car in this area. The unilateral abandonment of the car in this zone entails the imposition of a fine.


Why do we put the car use zone

This zone limits the territory of our service. We are constantly working to expand the zone. If you have suggestions for expanding the zones or you would like to see this zone wider and think that this is really necessary for users of our service - write to us


Start and finish rental zone

This zone is always smaller than the area of ​​use of the car. You see it as a drawn plane (another widget is possible, depending on the device) in the application. You can start a new rental, complete the car sharing, put the car in wait mode and start the car sharing again in this zone.

In spite of the fact that the zone of beginning and completion of the lease is represented by an area, this zones may have exceptions, that is, islands on the area of which it is impossible to complete the lease. Exceptions arise from the experience and the receipt of information or the requirements of the competent authorities on the impossibility of leaving cars there, including car sharing vehicles. Such territories are excluded from the start and end of the lease.

For example: there may be an exclusion of the government quarter, parking zones of shopping centers and other places, so as not to tempt unscrupulous users to violate the public offer contract (rental agreement, car-sharing).


Features of the start and end of the lease:

1.       You can move around, start and end the car sharing in this zone.

2.       You can start a new car sharing and put the car in waiting mode.


Why do you provide a zone of beginning and end of the car sharing?

This zone exists for the possibility of starting and ending the use of the service. We expand the zones and exclude those zones that create discomfort for users, citizens living or working side by side. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the start and end zone of the car sharing, please write to us:



What will happen if the car goes beyond the zone of use or completion of the lease?

When the car leaves the zone, the user will receive a notification to his phone as an SMS message and / or message in the application. Sending a message in any format is not mandatory on the part of the Car sharing Company, therefore not receiving a notice can not indicate that you have not left the area of ​​use of the car. All the zones you see online in the smartphone while moving and see the point of the car you are driving on the map.

If you leave the start and end zone or use zone of the car, you will not be able to complete the car sharing, but only put the car in waiting mode. The other services can also be blocked, including the waiting mode in case of leaving the zone of use.

When you leave the zone, our operators will contact you and ask you to return to the zone of use of the car.

Leaving the zone of use of the car sharing, the car is considered as a hijacking, as indicated in the Public Rental Car Rental Agreement.

Intentional actions aimed at leaving the car use zone are punishable by a fine.



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100 zones per season

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