Friend Bonus
If you are a user of our service, than you always see a promo code at your App. You can share this code to your friends or give it to your followers in social media. In case somebody put your code during registration at our service, he will receive +50 binuses on his/her account. You will also receive +50 bonuses on your account when your friend make first payed ride. Share news and promo code from our service. Invite more friends to have a free usage of car sharing service.
Get bonuses for excavations
Came, and the car is covered with snow, what to do, it takes time to excavate the vehicle, warming up and ...., no problem, we will compensate for the time of excavating the car and give you a few more bonuses for your benefit.
Get a discount of up to 20%
You have been using the Getmancar for a long time, but you want more discounts, cheaper price and more to drive. The one who seeks always finds, and the one who asks - will always receive.
Earn with us
If you are the representative of any edition, the internet platform, just an active person who wants to help us and raise your financial state, then be the part of us and EARN with us.
Get 50 UAH. for refueling cars
Fill the car yourself and get 50 UAH. bonuses
Hot cakes in Kiev
Take advantage of cheap car sharing prices in Kiev, get a car rental from 0.99 UAH / min of car sharing
#ЯGetManCar - we give 25 000 UAH for travel
Only from 05 to 30 September receive 25 000 UAH. for your story of using the GetManCar service. Tell about your trips, publish them on social networks, put a hashtag #ЯGetManCar, get likes, show us - get bonuses for trips. We will republish the most interesting stories on our page.
Архив акций
100 zones per a season - 100 bonuses to winner All to the Collective Farm (KOLGOSP) or Kiev Centralization Cool Troeschina

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