Friend Bonus
If you are a user of our service, than you always see a promo code at your App. You can share this code to your friends or give it to your followers in social media. In case somebody put your code during registration at our service, he will receive +50 binuses on his/her account. You will also receive +50 bonuses on your account when your friend make first payed ride. Share news and promo code from our service. Invite more friends to have a free usage of car sharing service.
100 zones per a season - 100 bonuses to winner
Select a new zone of start/end of car sharing, that will be usefull for a users of GetmanCar till the end of February. The winner that select the zone that was created and became popular receive 100 bonuses on his account. The results at the end of March 2018.

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GETMANGLOBAL TOV, Company code 34735259
Registration address: Kedrin Dmitry str. 44/4,
Dnipro city, Ukraine, 49008
Office Kiev: Dniprovska naberezhna str. 17, Kiev,
Ukraine, 01035
The company
Physical person entrepreneur
Hetmanskyi Ivan Volodymyrovych
Individual code 2156520675
Registration address: Ushinskyi str., 2/53,
Dnipro city, Ukraine, 49000
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