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Passive income from your car

Get passive income

Do you want to receive money that will complement your income? We offer you a minority participation in our carsharing project.

If you have a car, or you want to buy a car that will bring a monthly income for you and your family – you are welcome.

How does it work?

  1. Buy a car or offer the car that you have
  2. We inspect the technical condition
  3. We conclude a contract with you
  4. We install the equipment for carsharing on the car
  5. We stick advertisements on the car - at your request
  6. We put the car into service

What are the benefits?

Everything is like in a bank, but it is more reliable

From which period my car will start operating?

If you gave us your car, we it will start operating in our service within 1-7 days, it depends on the availability of the equipment and technical decision on your car model.

What is your benefit?

We receive income from your car and collect 20% of the money turnover received with the help of your car. For these 20% we provide the work and care for your car.

Why you take 20%, what will you do

  1. 24/7 support for your car
  2. Official registration of the documents of RTI and their transfer to the insurance company
  3. Car service and delivery to the service station, car wash, etc…
  4. Attendance of the RTI place, incidents, getting the car from the impound lot 24/7
  5. Changing the tires, monitoring for your car
  6. Resolving all questions from the users
  7. Your car report
  8. GPS monitoring
  9. Getting order for on your car and organizing the process

What do you need from me?

What are our requirements for the car?

How much will I get from my car?

Everything depends on some factors:

If we take into account annual car income from the economy class, that will be $400-800 per months. It is this that you will get from one car per months.

$600/month for the car from the economy class

What my first expenses will consist of

  1. Car purchase and registration (if you do not have one)
  2. If you buy equipment that will cost you 10 000 hryvnias/car
  3. Comprehensive insurance will be 5% from your car cost, dividing it for four parts
  4. Third-party liability insurance will cost you approximately 1000 hryvnias per year

What are my monthly expenses for the car

We will withdraw and show the report about all of the expenses, all the expenses will be made from the income on your car. All the expenses taking into account our % will not me higher than 40-60% from the monthly income of the car

Which are car expenses in general

  1. Fuel
  2. Car washing
  3. Running service
  4. Changing tires (tire service)
  5. Parking payment in the city
  6. Connection and Internet payment for the car equipment

Which car marks can be bought?

We can adapt for the use any car, those cars that were examined by us and may be adapted in the short terms:

  1. Ravon
  2. Toyota
  3. Hyundai
  4. Renault
  5. Skoda
  6. Volkswagen
  7. Nissan Leaf

Start earning right now!

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