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How to start a business in your city? Maybe it's time to think about opening your own carsharing? Getmancar will help you with this. The largest provider in Ukrian will tell you how to launch your own carsharing service.

Do you want to start up your own carsharing in your city, country, region…?

We will help you

Who we are:

  1. We are the carsharing operator, we are not just the developer or a third-party organization, we are a real provider, who understands the market and is actively working and organizing the software, the program for the real needs of the service users.
  2. We are a company, who has its own software, we do not rent the soft, we have everything 100% our own with our property rights, developers, software engineers, programmers.
  3. We are not the car equipment developers, but we choose the best one, we can also adjust any technical equipment for the use in carsharing if it corresponds with the demands and meets the technical features that are required for the operation.

What we can offer:

  1. Basic carsharing software solutions
    • Mobile applications for the service
    • CRM service management and accounting system
    • Made on the basic pattern
  2. Individual solutions for carsharing software
    • Individual application with separate logic
    • Separate design
    • Setting up additional and separate logics for payment services by users
    • CRM system, according to technical demands from the customer: additional reports, statistical data, etc.
    • Connection of additional parameters and sensors
  3. Selection, installation engineering research for carsharing equipment
    • Development of technological cards for the car
    • Assistance and maintenance of equipment installation on a car in the whole world
    • Arrival of the engineer to any country
    • Assistance in the supply of the equipment
    • Analysis and non-standard connection
  4. Setting up billing and payment systems
    • Assistance in the selection of the payment system
    • Adaptation of the existing payment system
    • Development of the individual payment settings
  5. Automated Client Verification System
    • Adaptation and installation of artificial intelligence
    • Automated document verification using the API
  6. Design
    • Individual design
    • Concept development
    • Analysis of the customer preferences
  7. Assistance in creating and development of the business model
    • Market analysis
    • Business model development
    • Analysis of the competitor and his weak / strong points
  8. Staff teaching
    • Teaching back and front office
    • Assistance in the work and giving the video lessons on working with CRM
    • Departure and staff teaching
    • Outsourcing of the staff for the period of the start-up
    • Patronage and the check of the work

The deadline for the implementation and startup of your carsharing

2-3 months from the moment of the whole data provision

Just 60 days and carsharing will be in your city

The cost of the carsharing creation

The cost depends on the given tasks. It consists of:

  1. Initial payment
  2. The subscription fee for every car from the moment of carsharing startup (from $10 per car).

The subscription fee includes:

  1. Permanent technical support of the project from our technical specialists.
  2. Software updates according to the latest requirements
  3. Assistance and solving of your technical bugs, that were made by the employees

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