Electric Kick Scooter Rental (Kicksharing), Software and Equipment

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If you want to launch electric kick scooter rental (kicksharing), our team is ready to provide you with the software as well as help with the equipment and the whole adjustment of the process of service delivery and its working.

What will you get?

You get a complex that includes a set of tools for working in the sphere of electric kick scooter rental:

Launch date

We will launch the service in 2-3 months if you have kick scooters.

Service payment

You pay for:

Why exists subscription payment?

For the subscription payment we:

Additional expenses

Also you will have monthly additional expenses that are connected with the operating activity of the service, part of which you can remove if you and your customers do not need it:

  1. Server payment – 100-200 dollars monthly
  2. Mass text messaging service – from 20 dollars monthly
  3. Mass email distribution service – from 25 dollars monthly
  4. Subscription payment of the mobile phone provider for the Internet traffic from each device

Launch potential service in your city just today.

Call us +38 (097) 444-5-111 or write us together@getmancar.com.ua – we are ready to take any of your offer about our cooperation.