It's simple - there are three convenient rates for any need:


* Reservations are provided for FREE up to 20 minutes, then payment is 0.99 UAH/min. You can use the FREE booking 3 times within 24 hours.

** In the Dynamic tariff you do not pay extra for the extra mileage if during the trip you have not exceeded the mileage of 50 km, if you exceed the mileage of 50 km per trip, you will be additionally paid 4.50 - 6,50 UAH. for each km run.

*** In the "Dynamic" tariff - the price is formed depending on the occupancy of cars and can range from 2 to 6 hryvnias. The price is always indicated before the start of the trip. The tariff is valid from 7.00 to 23.00.

Payment for rental includes: car rental, fuel, CTW and TPL insurance, rubber according to the season by car, free municipal parking within Kiev, Dnipro, taxes and fees.