Creating, selling software and equipment for bicycle-sharing

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become an owner of bicycle-sharing

Do you think that you can manage bicycle-sharing system but you do not know how to launch this project? We offer you launching bicycle-sharing in your city. For this, we are ready to offer you software for bicycle-sharing and help you to adjust it. We will be busy with your application till the moment it starts to work and even after the launching, we are ready to offer you our help with its functionality.

How much will it cost?

What will I get for this sum of money?

For the 2-3 months of time of our work (if you have bicycles) we will give you the next things:

Why do I need subscription fee? I have already paid you for the application!

We created the subscription fee to get from you:

What is included into the “Additional expenses”? Is it obligatory?

No, it is not obligatory, you can always remove any additional expenses, if some of them you will not need.

Additional expenses include:

Launch bicycle-sharing service in your city. Start from this very day. To do this you need to contact us with any means suitable for you:

Call us +38 (097) 444-5-111 and write us we will be glad with any offer of our cooperation.