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Drive Drive Now

One of the largest European car sharing services is Drive Now, which belongs jointly to Sixt and BMW. This service is merging with another operator today.


Cars in service

Since the service is partly owned by BMW, the company does everything to ensure that BMW products are presented in this car sharing, which is why the car park is represented by a large number of BMW, Mini.


Car insurance

Each car has insurance against theft and third party insurance (the analogue of our OSAGO), CDW insurance is also there, but the user pays 1 euro before the beginning of each trip for CDW insurance. If you do not want to pay 1 euro for each trip - use the packages.


Limitation of liability

Limitation of liability or deductible for insurance, in other words, is 350 euros for each user. The user is obliged to refund this amount when an accident occurs due to his fault or by mutual fault.



Registration payment

If you want to become a user of this service, you will have to pay a registration fee of 29 euros.


Standard rates

The standard fare is 0.33-0.36 euros per minute car rental car.


Package offers

The company offers a large list of package tariffs.

500 minutes for 139,99 euros.

60 minutes for 17.99 euros.

125 minutes for 34,99 euros

240 minutes for € 64.99

500 minutes for 124,99 euros



Hourly rates

For 3 hours for 29 euros

At 6 hours for 54 euros

9 hours for 79 euros

For 24 hours for 109 euros



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