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Download the new app GetManCar

Hi friends, we are launching the new GetManCar app, it will be available in GooglePlay and the AppStore as Getmancar New.

So what, run, how I do with it?

The fact is that soon, the old application will cease functioning. At the first stage, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Download the GetManCar New app and check your account there. In this application will be your account if you are registered with us, but there will not be any of your bank card. Therefore, later, to use the service, you need to add your card (s) again, to use the service through the new application.
  2. Do not delete the old GetManCar application, it will be valid until 31.01.2019, and from 31.01.2019 we will switch to the new application.
  3. Do not delete the old GetManCar application after 31.01.2019. We leave it as a backup for a certain period in case something goes wrong and the error is critical, we will temporarily return to the old application. Before fixing this error.

Why do we run it?

  1. Thanks to you, we have created many new elements, about which you requested, about this separately in the article.
  2. The new system will allow us to introduce more and faster innovations that are necessary for you.
  3. This is a completely new, different system of our work, regarding software implementation and CRM systems for staff, we have changed software 100%, although you shouldn’t notice anything bad, only positive moments.

Questions and answers

  1. Can I use 2 applications at the same time - no, cars will be available only in one.
  2. I can immediately remove the old application - yes, but if we return to backup use, you will have to install the application again.
  3. You are not sure about the product, that you release? - we are 100% sure, but there are those things that we can only test in reality.
  4. Why should I add the card again - this is a new application, a new CRM system, a new payment system.
  5. I do not want to download a new application - then you will be able to use the old one until 31.01.2019.
  6. I downloaded a new application and there are no cars here - of course, they will appear only on 31.01.2019, this is because of flashing of each car to a new system.
  7. I downloaded the application, my account, but there are no trips - in the new system there will not be your trips made through the application that was valid until 31.01.2019.
  8. If you delete the old application, the old system, then how I will see my old trips and history, write offs, I really need them for the court, ... .. - even after the old application is deleted, the personal account of the old system will be available and will exist at least 3 years (general limitation period). If you didn’t find something, you can simply send us a request to the email address
  9. I have bonuses, but they are not in the new application or the amount does not match - if you had bonuses in the old application and after 31.01.2019 their number is different from what you had, please contact support with a letter on mail
  10. I had bonuses in the old application, I spent them, and in the new application appears again - 31.01.2019, the final recalculation of accounts will occur, before the system is filled. But if you observe such after 31.01.2019, please write.

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