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Have you heard something about the ZAZ car sharing? No, this is not the revival of AvtoZAZ and not the decision of the owners, about the supply of ZAZ vehicles for the car sharing in Ukraine. ZAZ car is a Brazilian car sharing operator that operates in San Paulo.


Cars in service

All cars of service are compact cars Ford Ka. But some pictures that we received says that the service have also B and C class cars, but we do not find it.


Model of the car sharing

The car sharing uses a zonal model. The city is divided into 100 islands, where users can complete the car sharing.



All cars are insured, insurance, as well as fuel are included in the tariffs of the car sharing.



ZAZ car uses modern technology and allows users to open and close the car with a smartphone. Also there is the possibility of wireless connection by the phone to the car systems.


Prices for the Brazil's car sharing service

Several packages of service are offered, each package is charged acost + cost km of run.

  1. Free package - 67 UAH / hour + 4 UAH. km
  2. 8 hours - 437 UAH for 8 hours + 4 UAH / km
  3. 12 hours - 538 UAH. + 4 UAH / km
  4. 24 hours - 667 UAH. + 3.50 UAH / km
  5. 48 hours - 1614 UAH. + 3.50 UAH / km

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