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ZipCar US carsharing

ZipCar is one of the largest companies in the US. Some consider this company to be the flagship of the market and, in fact, the creation of real world-wide carsharing-making. We can not say that ZipCar was the first in carsharing service, but we must pay tribute to ZipCar, because they did carsharing more widespread.

The main innovation that the company has presented, was a non-standard car hire. The customers payed by the hour or by the day, the fuel was included in the rental price.

ZipCar vehicles equipped with devices, and subscribers (clients) use the subscriber’s card to open the car. Today the cars are opened via smartphones too.



ZipCar operates in most US states, all customers pay a monthly fee to ZipCar, which ranges from $ 70 per year to $ 50 a month. In any case, we did not find any options for using the car without a subscription fee. The difference in the cost of subscription fee makes it possible to use different categories of cars and get different price offers on carsharing of the same brand of car.



The cost of the carsharing is naturally dependent on your package, averaging between $ 7.5 to $ 20 per hour. If you rent a car for the whole day, it cost from $ 84 per day.


Insurance from ZipCar

The conditions of ZipCar say that all cars are insured, but the amount of responsibility of the driver is $ 1,000 per vehicle.



There are a lot of cars of different brands in the company's park, from sedans to SUVs. In any case, we have not found a commitment to any particular brand of car.


GetmanCar carsharing

We work and live in Ukraine, because we do this service here, what do we offer better?

1. We do not have a monthly fee.

2. The hour rate is only $ 2.

3. The tariff for a day from 19 dollars.

4. The maximum deductible is 700 dollars.

5. All cars open online, no cards.

Everything we are not better yet - we will strive and become better!

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