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Carsharing in Kiev - rent a car for minute or more

Car sharing is a service of short-term car rental. The service is available starting from 2018 January in Kiev.

Car sharing it is a car rental plus additionally you get FOR FREE (it is included in price):

  1. Fuel – we pay for the fuel.
  3. Car washing – we clean cars.
  5. Tires according to year season.
  7. Technical inspection – we make it
  9. Tire change service – all at our expense.
You pay nothing else!

Car sharing is a minute by minute car hire with the fuel, car washing, tires according to the season, taxes, technical inspection that are included in rental price.


What car sharing is useful for

Instead of taxi
Take the car at point A, and return at point B without additional payment. It looks like taxi services, just you are a driver yourself, there is no taxi driver, and the tariff is cheaper.
Taxis service, but cheaper
Does the taxi put a high price? Is the price raised by Buber and Naklon at the peak hour? We always have a stable price, regardless of the auto employment and weather conditions we are with you. Do not listen to taxi drivers and their stories about a bad life and small earnings.
The car is needed just for several hours a day
The minimum rental period is 1 minute. We have a per-minute tariff, per-second tariffication.
Just driving
Take your mom, a girl or go for a drive yourself, solve your questions quickly - take a car for only a few minutes or hours - do not pay for a day, fuel and car wash. We are the future everything else is in the past.
Every day rear trips
The car is needed just from work to home or from home to the store. Do you rent a car for a day with additional payment for car wash and gasoline? Take the car for 15 minutes, for 2 hours. We do not take payment for fuel or car wash.
Carry things or meet relatives
Use a per-minute car rental in Kiev to meet relatives or transport purchases from the store, clothes to a new apartment, because you have dreamed to move to your boyfriend.

The easiest way to rent a car in Kiev is to use a car sharing service. All you need is to download an App on your phone and sign in. For using a car sharing service in Kiev, find a free car on the map and start rental through mobile App.

To order and rent a car in Kiev today is easier because:

  • Do not need to come to the office – you take a car by yourself at the parking area
  • The car is not given or accepted by somebody from our staff – do not lose your time
  • The documents from you are not needed – just make a registration once in our service
  • The payment is made automatically from your credit card
  • The fuel for free – all patrol is included into the price
  • The car wash is for free
  • The tire installation is for free
  • No deposit – pay just for the rent
  • The car can be received and dropped off inside zones of start/finish car sharing
  • There are no fees for returning the car out of the office, at night or day off
  • Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • The car can be rented for a minute, for an hour. In case the car is needed just for the few hours – pay just for the few hours
  • Different tariffs: pre-minute, pre-hour, daily tariff with additional payment for mileage or without.
  • All car remote is in your smartphone

Advantages of car sharing

Easy to receive a car
All free cars are at your App, click on a free car, use it
No deposit
We do not have deposit, pay just for the rent
The cars are always near
Do not need to come to office for made docs for car rent – all in one App, all modern
No care about the car
Do not have to care about parking payment, fuel, car washing, winter or summer tires, technical inspection – the car sharing cares about all these
All inclusive
Fuel, car washing, technical inspection, tires, insurance, 24 hours customer service
It is cheaper than taxi or cheaper than to have your own car
Technologies of the 21st century
Modern technologies to get to the car without a key or staff, offices
Receive and drop off the car where it is better for you
Receive and drop off the car at the accepted zone not near the car rental office, but where it fits for you

Receive a profit

Start your own car sharing
Do you want to start a business of car sharing (a per-minute car rental) in your city? We propose technologies from A to Z all ready business with all calculations. You can start to sell car sharing service in your city. We are ready to start your project just for 3-4 weeks. Do you want to invest to innovate business by yourself and open something new at your city or country? Call, write us now
For investors
Are you looking for the way to earn money? Earn money with us, become our partner. You can start just from several thousand dollars and become a full investor at innovate, profitable company. Do you want to receive a monthly passive income together with us? All risks and process manage we made by ourselves. 100% of guarantee and income. We have big experience. Call, write now.



Our team

Alina Makarova
Great helper
Taras Getmanskii
Alyona Bonne
General Manager


Rent a car in the new app GetmanCar New
How to start a rental on a car-sharing car Getmankar, as well as set up the beginning of the lease for yourself. New features and capabilities of the application GetManCar New. We go all the way from booking a car to the completion of its lease.

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