Getmanglobal, TOV

5 stars

Цена в App Store: Бесплатно


Getmanglobal, TOV

5 stars

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How to use car sharing Getmancar

It's simple: rent in 5 steps

1. Download the Getmancar application:

app store play market app galery

2. Register in the application

You need enter your details, add documents and confirm registration.

Save your time by registering through the Diia app or using BankID.

Moderation takes an average of 1 to 5 hours, in some cases it can be a little longer. Upon completion, we will notify you in an attachment and by mail.

While we check the information and register you – you can add payment cards and see the functionality of the application, the location of parking areas on the city map and what cars are available.

3. Select any car on the map.

After receiving confirmation of registration, you are free to use the service.

Choose a car and book it at the right rate.

screen 1 screen 2 screen 3

4. Open the car through the application and go. Keys and documents are already in the car

Your smartphone is the key to any Getmancar car.

Open, close or pause - all in the phone.

After opening the car, inspect it for critical damage and take a picture directly in the application, there are tips for four photos (four angles).

Keys are already in the car, documents - in the glove compartment, there is a fuel card in case you need to refuel.

If necessary - adjust the mirrors and seats yourself.

Wear a seat belt, follow traffic rules and respect other road users.

5. You can end the trip in any area to complete - they are marked on the map

You can complete the lease in special areas marked in purple on the map in the application.

Park the car according to the pairing rules.

When leaving the car, don't forget your things.

In the application, click "Finish" and there click to take pictures - also four photos from different angles.

Everything, the lease is complete, this car is available to users again.