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The Actions when you get into Road Traffic Accident

If you are a party of a road traffic accident while driving a car, this article will help you what to do in this situation.

If you get into road traffic accident

  1. Do not leave the place of accident and do not drive from it at any case.
  2. Call patrol police on the phone number 102 and tell us, the Support service about the accident, we will immediately give you a consultation and help you.
  3. Write down or tell Support Service the data of other participants of the accident: a mark and a model of a car, registration number of a car, name, surname and mobile number of the second party, the injured ones.
  4. Wait for the police, fill in all the documents of the accident. Attention! You must not fill in the documents according to European Accident Statement – this is a refuse from the insurance company about the payment and your whole responsibility. In order for Fully comprehensive insurance and Third Party Liability Insurance to work, please, ask the police to fill in the documents of an accident properly. They will not refuse from it.
  5. Give the documents to our representative, including the policy and car registration certificate or leave them in the glove compartment according to the Support service words. Send in one of the messengers the photocopies of police protocol and schemes of road traffic accident place. The police will obligatorily give these documents to take photos according to your request.
  6. While filling in the documents end the car rental or ask Support Service to help you end carsharing use in order not to bear additional expenses.

What do you lose in case of a road traffic accident

If a road traffic accident occurred at your fault you will have to pay the sum of deductible for the car (the sum which is not paid by the insurance company).

The sum of deductible depends on the settings that you put into the application. In a basic variant it is 20 000 (twenty thousand) hryvnias. If you put the lower sum of responsibility than you will have a monthly subscription:

Responsibility 20 000 hryvnias – subscription 0 hryvnias /month

Responsibility 10 000 hryvnias – subscription 300 hryvnias/month

Responsibility 5 000 hryvnias – subscription 500 hryvnias/month

Responsibility 0 hryvnias – subscription 700 hryvnias/month

Subscription is written off the 25th of every month.

If road traffic accident occurred at your fault, the guilty one is found out, it is no matter which sum of responsibility (deductible) you have chosen you will bear no costs.

If the second party of road traffic accident left the place of accident or you do not know him, the sum of deductible will be paid by you no matter which fault it was.

If the second party of road traffic accident do not have Fully Comprehensive Insurance, at any case you and we will get a compensation of deductible. In this case we will help you to fill in the documents in order that you will be paid a sum of deductible with the help of MTIBU.

If you are guilty in the road traffic accident, you will be also charged with:

  1. The cost of case administration of road traffic accident – 300 (three hundred) hryvnias.
  2. The expenses on car evacuation or its being on the car pound.
  3. The penalties and other expenses that were charged to you in case of road traffic accident and are not compensated by the insurance company (the penalty according to admin protocol, a pretension at the damage that was made to the city, third parties).

Pieces of advice

If you constantly use carsharing service, think about buying an additional cover. 300 – 700 hryvnias/month that you spent will be worth it at the very minute road traffic accident. It is not worth to save on the insurance.

A user pays the whole sum of a damage

A user pays the whole sum of a damage in the next cases:

  1. Driving a car while being drunk or high, taking drugs that low the reaction.
  2. Leaving a place of accident.
  3. A claim about the fictitious accident.
  4. Chasing
  5. Unstandardized use of a car that led to the accident occurrence, using it on the roads without a hard cover, etc.
  6. Not filling in the documents about the accident in the police
  7. A refuse to have a medical examination on the state of being drunk / high