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open carsharing under our brand

Open carsharing business under our brand

Do you want a ready-made business with a good profitability?

Are you ready to devote time to new business, develop and be in the groove of an advanced business that breaks stereotypes?

We offer you to start up carsharing in your city under our franchise. All we need from you:

To buy a ready-made business is very simple.

We will start up carsharing in your city just in a few days from the moment of installing the equipment on the car. Full project start up is up to 14 days including auto purchases, equipment installation, integration and start up.

Super business just in 2 days

Why you should choose GetmanCar franchise

  1. The rights to use a trademark in a certain territory – this gives you an increase in the number of clients, since those who are already registered in the system will get the right and access to use carsharing services in another region. Automatically you will get a customer base (people who are already our customers) with more than 30,000 users.
  2. Time-tested technology – ready-made decision for mobile application, tariff management system.
  3. Selection and assistance in the equipment installation. We install our equipment that you get at cost price. We develop technological cards and help with the installation. All technological cards for your car we make for FREE!
  4. We teach the staff to work on the front. Also, if you need a back office, we will be able to teach the staff to work with our equipment and system.
  5. Full back-office service, it is very convenient if your fleet is small (up to 100 cars), you will not have to spend money on operators that we have 24/7.
  6. Insurance under the general corporate program. You get those tariffs that are provided for us by the insurance company, use all our discounts and get guaranteed payments because we are a VIP client in the insurance company.
  7. Formation and submission of the documents on insurance payment, according to the data of your front office. Help in the documents execution, execution of the documents for payment.
  8. Technical support: software update, programmers 24/7, telephony, accounting system.
  9. Accounting reports, up to full financial management with our help with the receipt of payments in a pure form under your requisite details (if necessary).
  10. Fuel discount, which is provided by leading providers on a general basis, that is, you will get our prices and discounts while refueling the car.
  11. Quick start – just a few hours after the equipment installation and your carsharing is started up in your city.
  12. Advertising on our media, which is also directed on your city: internet, social networks and publications that also refers on you.
  13. Experience in carsharing and car rental, for more than 13 years. We have seen everything!
  14. Cheap start – no need to install and pay for the software, software installetion.
  15. Security system of your cars, including customers` dishonesty.
  16. No expenses for the software, server, support, insurance specialists, accountants and lawyers.

Why exactly we

Everything is simple with us

What can cost you a lot of money

It is painful when starting at the first time and it is this that can put you down if you do not make a big fleet and you are not ready to wait for the profit for 3 years.

What we have

We have more than everything

How much does the franchise cost?

  1. Lump sum payment 3000 USA dollars
  2. Monthly payment – 10% from the turn-round

How much will you earn? Does it cost a lot of money?

At the initial startup of the project, your turnovers will be small, but they will increase as you work.

Maybe it is better to start up carsharing by yourself?

The minimum cost of the software on the market is 25-30 dollars per month from one car up to 100 cars in the fleet. This is only the payment for the software, add to this the cost of the service, email newsletters services, payment for work to the support service, telephony, moderation, lawyers, accountants, programmers and other specialists.

In your case, if we take into account the worst calculations, you will pay 600 hryvnias /month, that includes:

  1. Software and support
  2. Client support 24/7
  3. Discounts for the fuel, insurance, etc.
  4. Equipment at a low cost and the help of our engineers in development installation cards
  5. Moderation and verification of users for security

Profitability of the project

The profitability of the project will be about 25% of the annual work on capital. This average annual profit you will get within 3 years no more.

During 3 years of time the initial payback of the project with the specialized profitability will take place, if we do not take into account reinvested funds or capital increase.

For every $100 you will get $25 per year. The calculation is made in such a way that when you invest $100, in three year you will get $175 from which $100 is the return of your investment and $75 is the money earned.

$25 of the profit from every $100 of the payback

How many cars do I need

The amount of the cars is calculated depending on the region. There is a minimum start and a real occupancy.

The minimum start for every region center is from 20 to 30 cars. The lesser amount is just not interesting to take into account from the position of the startup of the full-fledged service in the city. If you take into account the lesser amount, just give your cars to us under our management in the already existing cities where there are carsharing or car rental services, this way there will be a better result.

Buy the franchise and be the first, just in a few weeks of time we will be ready to start up the service in your city.

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