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The fine is UAH 75,000 for users or for scammers?

If a huge fine of UAH 75,000 this is the only thing that stops you to ride a carsharing, then take a breath and start choosing a car to drive. After reading this article, you will be convinced that the bigest fine is not provided for users of the service who ride a car for travel, but for scammers or vandals, or for those who like to drive drunk.

Let us examine, in order, each of the violations for which the bigest fine in the service is provided. There are seven such violations in total.

Drunk driving and abandonment of an accident

Alcohol, drug intoxication, the effect of drugs that slow down the reaction can lead to an emergency and threaten not only your life, but also the lives of other road users. Therefore, we are categorical in this matter. If you have drunk, do not get behind the car, be a responsible driver, take a taxi!

A fine can be apply if a driver in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication committed an accident, damaged the car or fled from the scene of a traffic accident.

Interference with software and hardware

This paragraph refers to hackers who, themselves or with the help of third parties, intentionally lead to incorrect operation of the software or mobile application in order to obtain benefits, change the trip calculation, change or lose the reflection of the vehicle's location, and the like. Agree, it is difficult to accidentally change the algorithms of the program or disable the software.

Using the car in races, competitions, drifting

Everything is clear here, if somebody use a car in races, competitions, drifting, at critical engine or gearbox speeds, as well as for off-road driving (without a hard surface), then the car, tires, car systems receive damages.

Equipment damage in the vehicle

This applies to unauthorized disconnection, damage or deliberate interference with the device of the car for the provision of carsharing services: mechanism, wiring or GPS. Usually, users do not have a desire to break something in the internal system of the car, so this item refers mainly to vandals and fraudsters.

Driving without a driver's license of the corresponding category

If you do not have a license, it has lost validity or was confiscated, you cannot drive a car. Driving without a valid driver's license or refusing to present such a document to the police or other competent authorities will result in a fine.

Transfer of car control to another person

By another person we mean everyone except you: wife, husband, sister, father, and the like. Your account is like a fingerprint, it has been verified and approved, and we know for sure that you have a driving license, the corresponding driving experience and age, so we trust you to use the car. If you transfer driving control to another person under your account, it means that the person has not been moderated, and we do not know if he/she can drive a car (does he/she have a driving license and the corresponding driving experience). In addition, in the event of a traffic accident or other emergency, all responsibility remains with you.

Therefore, use your account on your own, and help your friends and family register so that everyone has their own account. And don't forget about the promo code, with it you can register friends and get bonuses for free trips.

Providing of inaccurate data during registration, provision of documents of another person

We are always loyal to our users and understand that mistakes are possible: wrong number, missing letter, or something else. However, we understand the importance of personal data and punish a large fine for blatantly fraudulent manipulation of other people's data and documents.

All these points, as we can see, refer either to deliberate damage or damage to property or to outright fraud, and it is unlikely that a decent person would think about doing something from this list. Therefore, if you want to use the service in order to enjoy pleasant trips and enjoy driving, choose a convenient tariff and go on a trip without hassle.

The Getmancar team does not want to position itself as a soulless debit service. On the contrary, we are always ready to meet halfway and help in solving any issues related to the service. In practice, this fine was applied only a few times. Therefore, do not be upset, contact us, we will help you figure it out.

Be responsible and take care of yourself!