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New service in Dnipro from Getmancar – daily and long-term car rental

Getmancar carsharing service launched a new service of long-term car rental in the city of Dnipro (formerly - Dnipropetrovsk).

Carsharing is the per-minute rent of the car via mobile app, which operates in Dnipro and Kyiv. The peculiarity of the service is that the car can be rented online without visiting the office; also, the use of the car is only available in the coverage area, which is limited to the city and its surroundings. What does the new service offer for daily rent?

Classic Car Rental

The new service of classic rent a car allows you to rent a car in Dnipro, which is not limited by the coverage area, but allows you to travel throughout the entire safe territory of Ukraine. This means that you can freely move around the country without worrying about driving out of the coverage area. The difference with carsharing also means that the pick up and return of the car takes place at the company's office, and you need to fill up the fuel yourself, while in carsharing the fuel is included in the price of all fares. Parking in the city is also not included in the cost of the classic rent. All rental rules can be found out from the operator when booking a rental car.

Who can use the daily rental service?

Getmancar's long-term rental service is available for carsharing users and persons that have not registered with the service who are at least 21 years old and have at least 2 years of driving experience.

Currently, you can register with the carsharing service from the age of 18, even without driving experience, so if the conditions for a classic car rental without a driver do not suit you, you can always rent a car around the city via the app. In both cases, it is possible to reduce liability in the event of an accident by purchasing additional insurance, but this is an optional; a standard deposit is included in both types of rentals.

How to rent a car for traveling around Ukraine?

Like the rest of the Getmancar service, it is very convenient to rent a car by the day. You should choose a car and send a short form with your contacts on the service page, or order a car by calling +38 (097) 444-5-222. The operator will agree on all the details with you and arrange a meeting in the office to pay for the order and receive the car. At the office, you will take a quick look at the car and sign a contract, after which you can go on your way. The return of the rented car also takes place at the company's office, but you can order an additional service of returning the car to the address or in another city, for example, in Kyiv. The service of delivering or returning a car to the address was especially relevant during the tourist season, but now, when airports are closed, delivery is ordered more often to the railway station.

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How long can I rent a car in classic car hire?

If in the standard carsharing it is possible to rent a car from 1 minute, the new service provides for the rental of a minimum of 1 day. There is no maximum rental period, you can take the vehicle for a few days or weeks, you can rent for a month or even a year. By the way, the longer the term, the lower will be the price per day. The cost for each model can be found on the fleet page.

Forbidden regions

Despite the fact that the classic lease allows travelling all over Ukraine, there are still some regions that are prohibited for visiting due to circumstances. So, for example, trips to Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporizhzhya regions are prohibited. It is also temporarily forbidden to travel to Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kherson and Sumy regions. The situation may change, so you can familiarize yourself with the actual list of banned regions before renting a car.

Who is suitable for a car rental in Dnipro?

Anyone looking for a reliable car for at least a day, or for those who are planning a trip to several regions, or just want to go far out of town for the weekend. It will also be favorable for those who are considering transportation for a long period, because the price for a car will be as low as possible from 30 days.

Rent a car from a trusted company and enjoy the trip together with the first Ukrainian carsharing Getmancar.