One of the largest European car sharing services is Drive Now, which belongs jointly to Sixt and BMW. This service is merging with another operator today. More
You have been using the Getmancar for a long time, but you want more discounts, cheaper price and more to drive. The one who seeks always finds, and the one who asks - will always receive. More
If you are the representative of any edition, the internet platform, just an active person who wants to help us and raise your financial state, then be the part of us and EARN with us. More
Since February 9th 2018 we are introducing another plus for our users. More
The "Waiting" mode is used.... More
Dear GetmanCar users and residents of Kyiv, we will conduct a survey and accept your wishes by the end of February 2018 regarding the start/finish areas of carsharing. More
Any user of car sharing can park the used car in such places.... More
This article is dedicated to the questions of our users who do not understand where and how to park using car sharing. More
The car service has two zones: the service start/end zone and the car use area... More
ZipCar is one of the largest companies in the US. Some consider this company to be the flagship of the market and, in fact, the creation of real world-wide carsharing-making. More
Subscriptions are the type of service provided when you purchase a certain amount of the service of a carsharing before you start driving. More
During our booking we see only a per-minute tariff, do not worry if you want to choose a different tariff. As soon as you press the book, then you will be offered a choice of tariff. More
We give discounts depending on various parameters of use of the car, this tariff works automatically and operates for a per-minute lease and only if you see the symbol% on the map. More
We did what you asked for so long. The new tariffs will be added for which the driver's responsibility will be 0 in the event of a traffic accident. Tariffs will be more expensive, but you will get a full coverage. More
Is there a shortage of fuel during the period of use of GetmanCar? More
If you became a participant in an accident while driving our car, this article will help you to understand what to do in such situation and how to proceed correctly. More
If you want to be a user of a car-sharing service and actually use a car for trips, you need to register in our service, get approval from us about the registration and continue to use the service. More
Dear users of car sharing service, below we provide information about base and additional equipment of the car. More
Using the car sharing you can use the car on the set territory, which is called the car use zone. And you can start and finish car sharing in the zone of beginning and finishing car sharing. More
Dear friends, our fleet is set from 100 cars at the moment of start the car sharing in Kiev. These cars are... More
The article will be useful for users who want to learn how to use the carsharing. More
We understand that you are primarily looking for convenience and benefit in car sharing. This publication will tell you about a more better tariff for you and how to choose it right. More

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